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How to Make Money with Guest Post Author Accounts

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If you have learned how to make money with GBOB, it’s time to expand your earning potential through guest post author accounts online. Guest post author accounts offer a unique opportunity to create a profitable online business. You can establish a thriving venture by acquiring author accounts, publishing guest posts, and building a network of B2B resellers. This comprehensive guide will dive deep into each step, providing detailed insights on succeeding in this lucrative online business.

Step 1: Niche Selection – Choosing Profitable Niches

Researching Profitable Niches

Several guest post niches are popular in TIER 1 countries like the US, UK, AUS, and Canada. Here are a few of them:

Guest Post NichePopularity Score (1-10)
Health and Fitness9
Technology Guest Post8
Finance and Money8
Business and Marketing9
Food and Cooking8
Home Improvement Guest Post7
Sports Guest Post7
SaaS Guest Post

Choosing the right niche is crucial to the success of your guest post author account business. Let’s look at an example of how to research and select profitable niches:

Example: Imagine you are passionate about health and fitness. You decide to use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and discover that topics like “weight loss tips,” “healthy diet plans,” and “workout routines” have high search volumes and relatively low competition. This data suggests that the health and fitness niche is promising.

Step 2: Acquiring Author Accounts – Building Your Portfolio

1. Compiling a List of Prospective Blogs

To acquire author accounts, you must identify and reach out to blogs that meet specific criteria. Here’s an example of how to compile a list and reach out effectively:

Example: Suppose you’re interested in the health and fitness niche. You use tools like Ahrefs to find blogs with a Domain Rating (DR) of 50+ and Domain Authority (DA) of 50+. After researching, you discover a popular health and fitness blog that fits the criteria. You email the blog owner, introducing yourself and expressing your interest in acquiring an author account for a year.

2. Contacting Blogs – The Outreach Process

Outreach is a critical component of acquiring author accounts. Here’s an example of how to approach blogs effectively:

Example: In your outreach email, you highlight the benefits for the blog owner, such as increased content production, exposure, and potential revenue from guest posts. You offer to negotiate terms and pricing based on their preferences. Your professional and well-structured email increases the chances of a positive response.

Step 3: Obtaining the Author Account – Making the Transaction

Making the Payment

Once you’ve reached an agreement with a blog owner, it’s time to make the payment and obtain the author account. Here’s an example of how this transaction might occur:

Example: You and the blog owner agree on a price of PKR 100,000 for a one-year author account. You pay through a secure platform, such as PayPal or bank transfer. Upon successful payment, the blog owner provides you with the necessary login credentials and access details.

Step 4: Building a Reseller Network – Connecting with Potential Clients

1. Joining Relevant Facebook Groups

You need to connect with potential clients to build a network of B2B resellers. Here’s an example of how to effectively use Facebook groups:

Example: You join Facebook groups dedicated to health and fitness, digital marketing, and SEO. In these groups, you actively engage by answering questions related to guest posting and sharing valuable insights. You create an introductory post showcasing your expertise as an author in the health and fitness niche.

2. Showcasing Your Services – Attracting Resellers

To attract guest post resellers, you need to showcase your services effectively. Here’s an example:

Example: In your introduction post, you share examples of high-quality guest posts you’ve published in the health and fitness niche. You offer competitive rates, such as PKR 500 per guest post, to attract resellers looking for affordable options. Your transparent and responsive communication sets you apart as a reliable service provider.

Step 5: Establishing a Network of B2B Resellers – Building Trust

1. Effective Networking

Building a network of B2B resellers requires effective networking strategies. Here’s an example:

Example: You actively engage with potential resellers in the Facebook groups, providing valuable insights into the health and fitness niche. You establish connections by showing genuine interest in their projects and offering to assist with their guest post needs.

2. Cultivating Trust

Trust is paramount in this business. Here’s an example of how to build and maintain trust:

Example: You consistently deliver high-quality guest posts that align with the resellers’ requirements. You meet deadlines without fail and maintain transparent communication throughout the process. Resellers appreciate your reliability and trustworthiness.

Step 6: Streamlining Communication – Using WhatsApp for Efficiency

Utilizing WhatsApp

Efficient communication is essential. Transitioning your B2B resellers to platforms like WhatsApp can enhance communication efficiency. Here’s an example:

Example: You invite your resellers to join a dedicated WhatsApp group where they can discuss orders, share requirements, and receive updates in real-time. This streamlined communication process ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Step 7: Receiving and Fulfilling Orders – Delivering Quality

Order Acceptance

As your network expands, anticipate an influx of orders. Here’s an example of how to manage and fulfill orders effectively:

Example: You receive an order for a guest post on weight loss tips. You review the requirements provided by the reseller and assign the task to a writer experienced in the health and fitness niche. The writer delivers a well-researched, engaging guest post meeting the reseller’s expectations.

Step 8: Publishing Guest Posts – Creating High-Quality Content

1. Creating High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality content is the foundation of your business. Here’s an example:

Example: Your writer conducts thorough research on weight loss topics, ensuring the post is informative and backed by credible sources. They craft an impeccable, well-structured, error-free piece that engages the audience.

2. Publication and Promotion

Once your guest posts are ready, publish them on the selected blogs using your author account. Here’s an example:

Example: You log in to your author account on the health and fitness blog and submit the guest post for review. After approval, the post is published with proper attribution. You then promote the post through social media, email newsletters, and other channels to maximize its reach.

Step 9: Calculating Your Monthly Income – Understanding Earnings Potential

Understanding your income potential is crucial. Here’s an example of potential monthly earnings at different stages:

MonthsStageEstimated Monthly Income (PKR)
1-3Initial Months50,000 – 150,000
4-6Scaling Up100,000 – 300,000
7-12Established Business150,000 – 600,000+

Example: During the initial months (Months 1-3), you make 10 B2B connections and earn PKR 50,000 to PKR 150,000 per month. As your network grows, your monthly income can increase from PKR 100,000 to PKR 300,000 in Months 4-6. With an established business and a growing client base in the year’s second half, you may earn PKR 150,000 to PKR 600,000 or more per month.


Starting a business with guest post author accounts requires meticulous planning, effective networking, and unwavering dedication. You can establish a profitable digital marketing and guest posting venture by following these steps and consistently delivering exceptional guest posts. Remember that while these are examples and estimations, your actual income will depend on factors such as market dynamics and the quality of your services. Adapt to changing conditions and continuously enhance your offerings to remain competitive and prosperous in this field.

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