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The Best Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts in 2022

The Best Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting/ guest blogging is writing articles/blogs and then publishing them on someone’s website.

Most bloggers do this to increase site traffic and boost SEO rankings. Also, guest posting gives you great exposure and a reputation in your overall digital marketing presence.

However, finding the right marketing blogs that accept guest posts can be hectic at times but don’t worry about it; we got your back.

Below is a list of the best marketing blogs that accept guest posts in 2021 to enlighten you on unique insights in your field of expertise and improve your content. Before you start writing a guest blog, read our guide on how to submit a guest blog post. Furthermore, we do accept marketing guest posts on our blog section. You can submit your guest post about digital marketing as per our guest posting guidelines and take benefits from it.

List of The Best Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

1. Business Insider

Domain Authority: 94
Business Insider accepts blogs/posts on topics like business, technology, and media.
To guest post here, send your pitches or proposals at or contact Laura Casado at
For more information, check out the guidelines on their site.

2. HubSpot

Domain Authority: 93

HubSpot also accepts blogs on design, internet trends, marketing tactics, and team development topics.

Also, note that they have two separate blogs, one for marketing and one for sales.

How to submit your guest post: they offer a list of the types of posts they are looking for on their site.

Carefully go through their guidelines to make sure that you meet their conditions, and then email¬ your completed blog/post at


Domain Authority: 91

Their main topics include investment and investment media. Before you outreach, ensure to go through the editorial guidelines and start contributing.

Also, note as a contributor to, certain benefits come with it.

4. Zapier

Domain Authority: 90

They accept blogs on various topics like productivity, small business, tips for growing a small business and thought leadership.
For more information, ensure to check out their website for their guidelines.

5. SendInBlue

Domain Authority: 90

Here they only accept guest posts on various topics like email marketing, digital marketing, marketing and eCommerce trend, content marketing, and small business management and growth.

However, they only accept articles that haven’t yet been published elsewhere.

To guest post on SendInBlue, you’ll need to share some of your details and your prior work and wait for their review and feedback.

6. Business2Community

Domain Authority: 89
They help to create a business a community experience through several intuitions from B2C( Business to Consumer) and B2B( Business to Business)

They accept content marketing, digital marketing, small business, email marketing, and SEO articles.

How to submit: Carefully go through their posting guidelines as well as their contributor guidelines.

7. GetResponse

Domain Authority:87

GetResponse accepts guest posts on topics like email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and social media.

To guest post here, you are required to send links to your previously published articles.

Also, you need to send them your proposal with your topic and a framework.

Feel free to fill in their form on their write for us page and wait to get a response.

8. Content Marketing Institute

Domain Authority: 86

They accept blogs in B2B and content marketing.

To guest blog here, you’ll need to write an excellent blog for CMI. Also, they have listed their expected categories on their guidelines page.

After thoroughly reading and following their instructions, then you can email your ideas to

Also, subscribe to their newsletter to keep posted.

9. Keap

Domain Authority:83

If you are an expert in marketing, business development, and customer service, then Keep is the best marketing blog for you.

Their topics mainly include email marketing, lead development, nurture, closing sales, and overall business management.

As a guest post on Keep, you enjoy certain benefits; they include backlinks on your byline and articles and promotions on their social channels.

To post here, you need to fill out the submission form on their website.

10. Mention

Domain Authority: 83

They accept topics like digital marketing, media monitoring, communication, and PR.

However, at the moment, they aren’t taking any new English guest posts. But if you are a fluent Spanish or French writer, feel free to apply through the submission form on their website.

Also, if you are interested in being a contributor, follow their contributor guidelines for more information.

11. MarketingProfs

Domain Authority: 81

Their main topics include social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, demand generation and management, marketing strategy, and account-based marketing.

How to submit: To guest post here, check out some of their published articles. If you fit their style, draft one or two blogs, then send more than one via their email because sometimes they may change their titles and topics.

For more information, check out their complete guidelines.

12. Search Engine Watch

Domain Authority: 88

They accept articles with various topics like social, content and analytics, SEM, and SEO.

Search Engine Watch also accepts submissions from all company types; they have their own writers and consistent contributors.

For more information, check out their content guidelines and checklist and if it fits, go ahead and apply.

13. Outbrain

Domain Authority: 85

It’s one of the most popular blogs for digital marketers, and it has been like that over the years.

However, here they prefer published expert writers in content marketing. Affiliate marketing, native advertising, and performance marketing topics.

To start guest posting on Outbrain, you need to carefully follow the guidelines on their page.

Still, if you want to contribute to their blog, you can submit your pitch to

14. Propeller Blog

Domain Authority:80

It’s the latest online marketing blog for emerging technologies as well as trends.

Propeller blog accepts articles on digital marketing, advertising news, and trends.

To be part of their team, you need to follow their guidelines, and send some of your writing samples with a short bio to the email

Also, it’s important to note that they don’t pay for submission, and they don’t accept sponsored blogs.

15. Long Tail Pro

Domain Authority:75

They are mainly interested in affiliate marketing, content marketing, and SEO. If you think that your article and blogs could take an online audience of online marketers to a new level by implementing new and innovative online marketing strategies, then Long Tail Pro is the right marketing blog post for you,

As a guest post on their site, you are exposed to opportunities of advising CEOs and entrepreneurs on marketing strategies.

Like any other guest posting, they have benefits like exposure to over 100000 audiences on all social media and contextual links in your author bio as a writer.

To be a part of their guest posts, you need to carefully follow their guidelines and then send 3 or 4 topics to decide the best for their audience.

16. SEOBlog

Domain Authority: 70

This site is known to be one of the fast-growing SEO blogs in 2021.

Their main topics include content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.

To guest post on SEOBlog, you need to fill out their form and submit it for review.

Ensure to go through the guidelines on their website.

17. BitCatcha

Domain Authority: 71

They accept blogs and articles around various topics like content marketing, paid marketing, press release strategy, traffic leaking strategy, email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO on-page optimizations,

Also, BitCatcha accepts other topics around web design and content creation.

Usually, their articles range from 1000 to 2000 words.

You need to send one or two of your proposed topics and some prior guest post references to the guest post here.

For more information, check out their guidelines and submission forms on their website.

18. WebEngage

Domain Authority:71

This is the ideal marketing website for you if your interest is in the marketing, retention marketing automation, and user engagement niche.

The guest posting comes with various advantages like getting backlinks to relevant blogs on your site, and the CMOs and CRM managers get to read your content.

Also, you are featured on their fast-growing blogs that have over 600000+ visitors per month.

For your guest post to be accepted here, you must fill in their submission form and submit it for review.

For more information, visit their site.