Web Designing is an Art

We are not only web designers, rather we are graphic artists. This makes you sure that when you award us your web design project, you will get more than what you think. Each web design is aesthetically enhanced with layout structure and color scheme. We not only use rich graphics, but we also choose the graphics that suit your design template.

Process of Web Design Services

Our web design services include one-on-one meetings with our clients and we collaborate well with them while we design their websites. Many of our clients use our web design services repeatedly after they are happy with their first order.

We focus on what you need rather than focusing on what we can do. This will allow you to get satisfaction at the end as our prime goal is really to make our clients 101% satisfied. Here are the details about how we strive to make our clients totally satisfied.

    1. The client requested for a design quote.
    2. We give an accurate estimate if the client explained his designing requirements, else we will give a ballpark estimate in our quote.
    3. The client accepts our quote.
    4. We inquire about the client’s inspiration at least 3 sites inspiring the client for something related to color scheme or layout.
    5. We design mock-up while keeping the example sites in mind which are provided by the client in step 4.
    6. We can go with up to 3 mock-ups according to the client’s inspiration. The client will need to choose one from them.
    7. The client will get unlimited revisions to let us fine-tune the chosen design according to the client’s needs.
    8. When the client is 101% satisfied, we will deliver that web design in PSD format to the client.

Latest Projects