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6 Best Photo Background Remover Tools in 2023

In today’s digital era, visual content is everything; therefore, using tools that enhance the appeal of images and give them the edge they deserve is essential. Photo background remover tools help create high-quality, polished images for your business. 

They are magic with a click and offer uncountable benefits. A good background remover tool does everything from removing the background to adding and adjusting the appropriate backdrop with smooth edges that result in high-quality, polished images. 

If you want your business to skyrocket, adding uncluttered, focused images on-site that grab the customers’ attention is imperative. Doing this will amplify your professionalism and improve your rating on branding charts. Marketers, influencers, and graphic designers know the importance of visually appealing content and how it can make or break sales.

We know that clicking pictures is a challenging task, but throw in the complexities of editing, and it becomes overwhelming, exhausting, and time-consuming. Fret not. With these six background remover tools in the market, you’d be editing and enhancing photos like a pro!  

1. BG Remover

BG Remover by is a fantastic, artificially intelligent, and innovative tool for removing background images. With this in your arsenal, you can remove the background from any picture in seconds. There is no learning curve, meaning that even non-tech people can make the most of it. 

All you have to do is upload a picture and click on it; the background is gone. You can download the image and place it on any other background or use a solid color backdrop to make it more focused. The tool ensures that the picture doesn’t look distorted or weird. It uses its innovative technology to smooth the edges, giving you high-quality, refined photos that level up your branding game. 

Moreover, it is incredibly fast, which means more work is done in less time. It even gives you access to a free upscaler and EPS converter, which is excellent as you can enhance and edit the images in one place. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours manipulating photos, as this tool – the BG Remover- does it for you in the blink of an eye. 


  • Convenient pricing plans 
  • Swift and hassle-free tool 
  • Supports different image formats such as JPG, PNG, WEBP, TIFF, and BMP
  • Helps to create logos, banners, illustrations, and other things by easy extraction of objects from photos 


  • Offers only three free trials

2. Freepik Background Remover

Freepik Backgound Remover brings convenience and simplicity to one of the most common forms of editing processes out there. Fully integrated into the web-based platform, Freepik’s AI-powered background remover automatically removes the backgrounds of stock and uploaded images in a single click. 

When browsing Freepik’s vast library of stock images, look to the top left of each image, where you will find the remove background button. Clicking on that will instantly remove the background. You can now download the image in PNG format, the standard for transparent images, ready for further editing or use across all digital platforms. 

For those who want to remove the background of an uploaded image, simply head to Freepik’s background remover, upload your image, and watch the background vanish into thin air. Then, you’ll have the option of swapping it for a new background or even generating a fresh one using AI. And since Freepik is a web-based platform, you can do all this on the move. 


  • Free to use
  • Web-based
  • Remove backgrounds from stock images instantly
  • Ability to swap or generate new backgrounds with AI


  • Limited formatting options

3. Pxl Photo Background Remover 

Did someone mention the ultra-popular, fast, magical background remover app? Pxl Photo Background Remover is a Shopify app available in its store and is the solution to all your image background worries. 

It’s an excellent app for e-commerce businesses, as it lets users remove background from the images instantly. What’s more impressive about this tool is that small companies can integrate it directly into their stories if they’re on Shopify. It helps you in creating stunning product photos for your business. 

You can even add a solid color background to match your online store’s theme. The AI detects the subject and removes the background effortlessly, leaving no trace of it behind. Doing this helps you protect your brand’s uniform image, attracting more customers and ultimately driving sales. 


  • Simple and user-friendly interface 
  • Saves time and money 
  • Offers batch processing, meaning you can remove the background from 15 images at a time 
  • Excellent customer support service 


  • The free trial has limited options 

4. Simplified 

Are you in search of a free, simple background remover tool? If yes, you’re in luck because Simplified checks all the boxes for being one of the best image background removers. Sign up by clicking the yellow icon, and the photo editing world is in your hands. 

Not only is this a background remover, but it also has various enhancement tools that help you refine and polish your images. You can even customize posts, letters, and logos with this phenomenal app. It also offers the option of changing the theme, allowing you to work in a light or dark theme based on your preferences. 

As far as background removal is concerned, tap the project feature on the left sidebar. Click on “create,” and a window with a new artboard will open for you. Drop and drag the image if you have one, or you can choose one of the photos from the app’s rich-stock library on the left hand. Choose the remove background icon from the picture as shown above. 

In a matter of seconds, the background will be removed, and you’d have a transparent picture of your chosen image. 

You can change the background to add solid color by clicking on the “apply filter” option, as the color wheel offers a range of hues that will suit your needs. 


  • Easy to use 
  • The eraser tool lets you remove unwanted parts of an image 
  • The tool has a blog and video academy that provides a step-by-step guide to users and updates them with the current trends in the digital world 


  • It has a steep learning curve

5. PhotoWorks 

PhotoWorks is an intelligent photo editor with a user-friendly interface that seals the deal. The learning curve is a little steep, but with the help of tutorials, you’ll get the hang of the app in no time. 

The mighty tool not only removes the background but also possesses an army of image enhancement tools to help design professionals with various tasks. Just download an app onto your PC and get started with the ultimate image editing solution to redefine and mold your photos to your liking. 

The background removal process is relatively simple and works on the principle of object recognition. After launching the application, drag and drop the picture you need to edit.

Select the Tools tab and choose the change background feature. 

The change background option will allow you to mark the object you want to keep. At the right sidebar, choose the object brush and adjust its size. Paint the green color over the object to identify it. You don’t need to be very precise with your strokes; just online it properly, and AI will determine the edges. 

Now, with the help of a red brush, outline the background that you want to remove. Once you’re done, click the next icon to get your desired image. 

The background is removed, giving you a clear picture of an object. Zoom in and check for any imperfections. If you think some part of the background is left, use the brushes again to achieve the desired result.  

The picture will have a white background by default. You can keep the photo as it is if you want, or you can even change the background, to a solid color or any other image, by using PhotoWork’s standard color palette or ready-to-use backgrounds in your photo. 


  • Enhances photos in a click 
  • Powered by an AI algorithm that detects the changes and automates the task for you
  • A rich library of filter effects that you can use to make your photos more aesthetic 
  • Offers free updates and technical support 


  • No mobile application 

6. PicWish

Simple yet intuitive, PicsWish is another famous photo background removal tool worthy of all the hype it receives. The clever AI technology speeds up the process and removes the background from any image, complex or simple, in just three seconds. The interface is clean and straightforward, meaning people with no photo editing background can use this tool to its fullest.

Upload an image by clicking the blue icon and let the online tool do its magic. You can keep the background white or solid color, or you can use one from the thousands of available templates. The options are limitless, and you get a free hand to experiment with your photos. You can also enhance your images using the app’s other resources, such as face enhancement, photo retouching, etc. 


  • The tool is free to download 
  • Saves time and effort
  • Includes a batch editing feature
  • Available on Windows, MAC, and  Android
  • Excellent chatbot support


  • Requires in-app purchases 

7. Wondershare Pixcut

Another fantastic background remover tool is Wondershare Pixcut, which seamlessly does the job in a few clicks. Launched in 2020, it is a favorite among photographers, editors, and graphic designers. Powered by AI technology, it removes the background from the photo itself. The tool also houses photo enhancement tools that level up the aesthetics of images. 

The background removal process is straightforward; you only need to upload an image, and the AI will detect the main subject and remove the rest of the background for you. You can then download the image and edit it as per your liking. Moreover, the tool also features a blog section that helps users create different projects. The guides are insightful and keep updating with the current trends in the market. 


  • Helps in removing selected parts of the photo, such as unwanted elements like watermarks and scratches from the image 
  • Lets you remove the background from 30 images at a single time
  • The image enlargement feature helps you to zoom the image up to 400% while maintaining the resolution of the photo


  • At times, it runs into bugs and crashes 


By now, you know the significant role these photo background remover tools play in the creation of appealing visual content. The importance of these tools cannot be overstated, as they help you get rid of unwanted, cluttered backgrounds and offer you vast possibilities to mold your existing images. Get your hands on the tool that caters to your needs, or hire a web design agency to redefine your photos according to your needs. 

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