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How to View My LinkedIn Profile as Someone Else

Ever wondered how others perceive your LinkedIn profile optimization? Want to make a lasting impression on potential employers, clients, and connections? You’re in the right place!

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a virtual introduction to the professional world. It’s like meeting someone for the first time, except you’re presenting yourself to the global professional community. Therefore, understanding how others perceive your professional online presence is paramount. But how do you achieve this? Let’s dive in.

Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile Through Others’ Eyes

The animation shows step by step process to view your linked profile as other's see

Here’s a simple guide to viewing your LinkedIn profile as others see it:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on your profile picture or the “Me 🔻” button in the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Select “Settings & Privacy” from the dropdown menu.
  4. On the left sidebar, click on “Visibility.”
  5. Under “Visibility,” click on “Edit your public profile.”
  6. A new page will open, displaying your profile as others see it.

Alternatively, you can observe your profile as an external visitor by copying your profile’s link (e.g., and pasting it into an incognito Chrome tab. This reveals how someone not logged into LinkedIn perceives your profile.

Why It Matters to See Your LinkedIn Profile as Others Do

Your LinkedIn profile is more than a static digital representation; it’s a dynamic window into your professional journey. It’s the first chapter of your career story – an initial glimpse into your skills, accomplishments, and aspirations.

1. Crafting a Memorable First Impression

Like meeting someone in person, your initial impression on LinkedIn is pivotal. When someone stumbles upon your profile for the first time, you can impress, intrigue, and resonate with them. Viewing your profile as others do enables you to fine-tune this impression.

2. Unearthing Hidden Potential

Seeing your profile from others’ perspectives lets you discover potential beyond standard information. It’s a chance to infuse your unique personality, passion, and character into every section of your profile.

3. Keeping Your Story Current

Your professional journey is dynamic. You might have ascended the career ladder, acquired new skills, or achieved milestones since your last profile update. Viewing it externally offers a reality check – does your profile accurately reflect your current status?

4. Adapting to Varied Contexts

Different viewers – potential employers, colleagues, clients, and mentors – seek distinct information on your profile. Understanding their viewpoint allows you to tailor your profile to cater to their needs, making it more engaging and relevant.

5. Cultivating Authentic Connections

When someone visits your profile, they evaluate not only your skills but also your authenticity. Viewing your profile as others see it helps you align your narrative with your true self, fostering connections based on genuine interest and shared objectives.

6. Initiating Engagement

An engaging profile stimulates conversations. Viewing your profile as others do aids in strategically positioning conversation starters and encouraging meaningful interactions that can lead to future opportunities.

7. Adapting to an Ever-Changing Landscape

LinkedIn continually evolves with new features, AI enhancements, trends, and practices. Regularly examining your profile from others’ viewpoints ensures accuracy and agility, which is essential for staying relevant and maximizing the platform’s potential.

A Deeper Dive Into LinkedIn’s Privacy and Visibility Settings

Edit the Visibility of Your Public Profile: This setting lets you control who sees your profile. You can decide whether your LinkedIn profile is visible in search engines, making it discoverable on Google. Want more connections? Making your information public makes you more accessible.

Create Your Public Profile Badge: You can create a Public Profile badge on the same settings page. You can add this badge to your blog, website, or online resume. Click “Create a badge” and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Stay Undercover: Like Amazon’s “Customers who bought this also bought” feature, LinkedIn displays suggestions on your profile. You can deactivate this option to prevent visitors from navigating away from your profile prematurely.

Customize Your URL:

Did you know that LinkedIn allows you to have a custom URL? This feature makes it easier for people to find you in searches. To create a custom URL, click on the Me icon, then View Profile. Click the pencil icon under the public profile & URL, type the last part of your profile URL, and save your custom URL.

Manage Your Activity Visibility: LinkedIn lets you control who can see your LinkedIn activities. This gives you control over what your network sees about your online activity. To set the visibility of your different LinkedIn activities, click on the Me icon, go to Setting & Privacy > Visibility, and locate the page for Visibility of your LinkedIn activity.


Viewing your LinkedIn profile through others’ eyes is your ticket to managing your professional image, seizing opportunities, and building a personal brand. LinkedIn is an ever-evolving platform, and regularly scrutinizing your profile as others do keeps you ahead of the game. So, don’t hesitate to log in, follow the steps, and let your LinkedIn profile shine!

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