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Social Media Can Float Your Plastic Surgery Practice Or Blow It Out Of The Water – Here’s How

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What do social media and SEO have anything to do with plastic surgery? Pretty much everything. Several technological developments fundamentally changed how we interact with the world and how we do business.

First, the Internet made information more easily accessible to everyone. Then social media made communicating with groups of people easier. And when the modern smartphone debuted in the late 2000s, this connection and means of communication became very handy and convenient, and practically as ubiquitous as wristwatches in the 1920s. So what the consumer now has is the ability to do almost anything online instantly and from almost anywhere…even the bathroom!

How did all of this change consumer behavior then? Just think about it, the power to search for anything and purchase stuff, literally at your fingertips. Whether it’s ordering some food for takeout or searching for a new car to buy, people are using the Internet and social media in ways that marketing professionals for plastic surgeons weren’t able to predict back then. 

People still rely on referrals and testimonials before spending on something. Whereas people used to ask their friends or relatives what their recommendations are when it comes to a certain product, nowadays people can get on social media and ask their contacts or watch videos of influencers recommending a product or service. And yes, this also includes plastic surgery services.

Just like the Internet, social media is now much more than just some text and pictures to show friends and family how you’re doing. Basically, it’s all about social proofing or taking advantage of the concept that people are often influenced by the decisions of others. Below let’s look at how social media is being used today and how you can take advantage of it to boost your plastic surgery practice.

But first, you need to understand what SEO is. In the simplest terms, Search Engine Optimization is what you do to make your product or service one of the first things people see when they do a search. And social media and SEO have become increasingly intertwined over the years. 

Let’s see how that has become the case.

Video Content – To See Is To Believe

Just take a look at TikTok and YouTube and you’ll be overwhelmed at the dizzying array of videos that are pouring out each and every day. That shows how popular videos have become. It’s no surprise because not everyone enjoys reading and with so much stimuli, it’s faster to just watch a video.

As a plastic surgeon, you can take advantage of video content by regularly posting videos that highlight your services, your specialties, and showcase any famous patients you may have (with their permission, of course).

You can also make educational videos, such as explaining the uses of certain procedures or in what cases are certain procedures more appropriate. Some before-and-after videos highlighting some patient experiences will also help establish your name in the field.

Livestreams are also a popular form of video content where you can answer commonly asked questions about plastic surgery. By presenting yourself as being approachable, it’s easier for potential patients to be put at ease and increases the chances that they’ll choose you for their procedures.

Patient Feedback Is Invaluable

As a plastic surgeon, you need to build a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness and encouraging your patients to write reviews and provide testimonials is a great way to do that. If you have a Google My Business listing, patients can leave reviews there. Don’t underestimate the value of those 5-star ratings!

If you have a website or a social media channel, you can interview your patients so that they can share their positive transformation stories. In more traditional social media platforms like Facebook or X (formerly Twitter), you can use hashtags and mentions so that these stories have a greater chance of coming up in the feed of people interested in plastic surgery.

All of these fall into the category of user-generated content and what’s so amazing about it is that there is a wealth of content that is available to promote your practice.

Using Social Media To Boost Local Visibility

If you’re a famous enough plastic surgeon, then it would be natural to expect patients to fly in from other states (or from abroad) just to have you do a procedure. But barring that, most of your patients will still come from a limited geographic area around you. If that’s the case, it makes sense to make your service more visible to your local market.

One strategy, specific to Instagram, is to use GeoTagging. This is a very precise method since it involves using longitude and latitude but it makes it hard to miss where your clinic is located. You can also use location hashtags in your other social media posts and use local keywords like “most trusted plastic surgeon in [city]”.

But more than just relying on social media posts, you can participate more in your local community. If there’s a local online community forum, for example, you can be active there in giving advice or answering questions related to plastic surgery. You could also sponsor local events such as beauty contests and even post them on social media.

The Role of Influencers

Today’s influencers have become almost as, well, influential, as celebrities. That’s because they are constantly coming out with content, some of them daily, and are frequently top of mind among their followers. Whether it’s food bloggers or gadget nerds, you will find that there’s an influencer for almost any industry, including plastic surgery.

As a plastic surgeon, the most obvious choice would be to partner with a health, beauty, and wellness influencer so that they can promote your clinic. It’s even better if you can do an actual procedure so that a before-and-after segment can be produced. One other approach is to be a sponsor of the influencers videos. It’s common among YouTubers, for example, to have a company sponsoring them and anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes can be dedicated per video to promote the sponsors products or services.

Whatever the route you choose, it should be authentic and believable. That’s why it’s better to screen potential influencers and collaborate with those who truly believe in your services.

Good Old Advertising Still Works

Assuming that you have enough in your budget, you can still make use of paid advertising. The nifty thing about advertising in social media platforms compared to traditional TV or newspaper advertising is that these online ads are more targeted than ever. They are programmed to only show up on the feeds of the target market you want. You can calibrate the attributes that will trigger these ads, such as demographics, interests, or recent behaviors. Much has been said about how social media platforms are spying on people, but this is how they’re able to be so precise when it comes to advertising.

The types of advertisements you decide to publish will determine how much you will spend but video ads tend to be more attention-grabbing. So while they may cost more to produce and to post, they may offer good returns on investment.


Hopefully, you’ve realized that social media has evolved far from its roots as a simple means to keep in touch with friends and family. It’s now a mainstream communications tool on par with traditional media such as TV and radio. In fact, social media has probably surpassed those traditional media in terms of usage by a wide margin. Because of that, it makes sense to take advantage of all the capabilities that social media has to offer when it comes to promoting your plastic surgery business.

One thing has to be said about the use of social media as a means of digital marketing. It’s so easy to “go viral” for all the wrong reasons. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated social media specialist managing your professional social media accounts so that you don’t metaphorically shoot yourself in the foot with a careless social media post.

And speaking of specialists, it’s best to work with a trusted SEO and digital marketing professional. Just as plastic surgery is a specialist medical field, an SEO professional has the skills and resources necessary to make an impact when it comes to promoting your business online. Search algorithms continuously change, new programming methods keep getting introduced, and the only way to keep up with this fast pace of change is to hire a professional who stays current in this field.

So, are you excited about the endless possibilities that social media can realize for your plastic surgery clinic? Then click on that inquire button now!

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