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Instagram Growth for Brands, Influencers, and Individuals

Instagram marketing strategies for brands, influencers, and individuals in a minimalist illustration

Instagram marketing is very diverse and specific to the needs of the account. The strategies for Instagram growth will vary depending on who the owner of the account is. So, whether you are a brand, an influencer, or an individual user, you can decide the composition of Instagram marketing techniques, campaigns, and tools you may use for your target goals. 

This article will cover different strategies for brands, influencers, and individuals seeking to implement Instagram marketing. We will suggest the best practices and the top tools for each type of account, along with the designating goals and aims. 

Instagram Marketing for Brands

Brands embrace Instagram for many different reasons, and each brand’s goals will vary greatly depending on thousands of factors. However, the primary goals of most brands are to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their shops, websites, magazines, or any other target destination, and ultimately boost sales and conversions. 

For these purposes, brands will often invest in content creation to increase the engagement of their target audience. Frequently, they will run sponsorship campaigns with sponsored posts and influencer collaborations and use social media advertising. Content creation and advertising are relatively easy as they have long existed, and most marketers already know their do’s and don’ts. However, partnerships, sponsorships, and influencer marketing are more recent and confuse a lot of marketers at this stage. 

Below, we cover some of the tools and online platforms that help with sponsorships and partnerships. They help you improve how your brand account looks on Instagram and artificially boost engagement rates to make it more attractive to partners. 

Best Tools for Brand Partnership Preparation

The preparation stage before you start influencer or partner outreach requires a few steps:

  1. You need to make sure that you have enough follower base to seem valuable to your partner
  2. Your Instagram account must demonstrate high engagement rates to increase the likelihood of other people finding your account organically 
  3. Your brand must show that you have loyal customers and a positive community, which is one of the key metrics for influencers and collaborators

Here are our top picks for the brand partnership preparation stage:

1. Mixx

Mixx is your top choice for quick solutions. You can use the marketplace even just a few days before your initial influencer outreach. Even if you have budget constraints, Mixx provides the cheapest rates on the market, with a 10,000 followers package available for just $39,90. Take a few days before the partnership proposal and outreach and invest in followers, likes, views, and comments packages on Mixx. The services start immediately after you complete your check-out and take only a few days to complete. 

2. BuyTopLikes

Sometimes, influencers and partners look at more than just followers and likes. They may require more detailed reports regarding the activity on your Instagram profile. In this case, you need a platform like BuyTopLikes. This marketplace ensures you can boost any metric you need within just a few minutes. You can improve your Story engagement rates, Live video engagement metrics, Reels, videos, or anything else. For example, 2500-story poll votes cost less than $50 and take less than 24 hours to be delivered. 

Instagram Marketing for Influencers

Influencers often have similar needs as brands, but they rarely sell their own products or services and more often refer their followers to buy from others. They work hard to get a loyal and engaged audience, as their primary source of revenue is collaborations and digital marketing. They often prioritize authenticity and relatability in their content, and in contrast to brands, they communicate with their followers on a personal level. 

Best Tools for Influencers on Instagram

Influencers must pay attention to quality metrics, especially on their reels and stories to look attractive to brands, companies, and individuals with influencer marketing needs. For these purposes, they may invest in story engagement metrics to boost packages, post shares, post saves, mentions, etc. Here are our top picks for Influencers to grow their Instagram accounts:

1. LikesGeek

LikesGeek is the best service for comments. It provides the cheapest rates on comments and offers the possibility of getting 10 free comments per day (up to 50 max). The price starts at $1.75 per 10 comments for standard accounts (from tier-2 countries), but influencers can invest in higher-quality account comments from tier-1 countries (Europe, US). Tier-1 country comments cost $2.97 for 10 comments with a 100% retention rate. 

2. SocLikes

SocLikes is one of the best Instagram tools for influencers, and it has a lot of different options available. You can buy impressions packages from SocLikes, post saves, story poll votes, profile visits, and much more. Many automated services could distribute those metrics over 30 days so that you can demonstrate more steady and consistent growth on your account. Furthermore, SocLikes lets you target those Instagram accounts from many different regions of the world. 

Instagram Marketing for Individuals

Individual users on Instagram can have many different goals. Depending on why they want to grow, they may use services best-suited brands or influencers. A few individual Instagram accounts have commercial aims, majority of their goals range from sharing their personal interests and experience to building a personal brand, or even a portfolio. They may plan to become influencers at some point but have different goals. 

Best Tools for Instagram Growth for Individuals

Individual users on Instagram focus more on demonstrating their personality, hobbies, and other personal experiences. They spend less on content quality and rarely invest in Instagram advertising. They don’t need to boost engagement metrics artificially, but they do need to increase their follower base and likes. The more followers and likes they have, the better the chances other Instagram accounts discover individual users’ profiles organically. 

Here are the best tools for individuals who want to increase their follower base and likes on their posts:

1. TweSocial

TweSocial is the best service for individual accounts for two reasons: first, they have a very helpful and responsive customer support team, and second, they guarantee a refund in case the user is not satisfied. The customer support team is extremely important for users with little experience in Instagram marketing. These people can help you find the right packages for your purposes. And the money-back policy speaks for itself – you are not a brand and have no luxury of spending thousands of dollars for growth purposes. 

2. SubscriberZ

SubscriberZ is a more budget-friendly option for individual Instagram users. They have very low pricing for followers packages, starting at $4.99 for 200 followers. Most importantly, they offer two options for likes: regular likes and power likes. The power of likes increases the chances of your posts becoming viral and reaching the Explore page. 100 power likes cost $2.99 at SubscriberZ, which is the most budget-friendly price you can find on the market. Furthermore, SubscriberZ supports many different payment options, including PayPal, which creates a sense of security for many individual users. 

To Sum Up

Often, the goals of brands, influencers, and individual users on Instagram are very similar – to grow their accounts, improve engagement rates, and find collaboration and partnership opportunities. However, the strategies and approaches each of these three groups use will differ based on their specific goals, target audience, and brand identity. It does not really matter if you are a brand wanting to boost conversions, an influencer building a loyal community, or an individual user showcasing their personality. Identifying your target goal and the means to achieve it is the key to your successful Instagram marketing.
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