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How to Install MODX CMS?


There are many ways to develop and expand your content through your website, especially as a content creator. One of the most popular means is the MODX CMS program. This file proves very helpful in organizing users’ content and generating stellar-based SEO results. But you must know how to install MODX CMS on your devices. 

First, download the raw file from the application’s official website or through the Git site. The next phase is the extraction process and finally, the installation.

To learn more about installing the MODX CMS file, read on to find out more about the process.

MODX CMS Overview

MODX, also known as MODX Revolution, is an open-source web and content management application framework. Through MODX, users access original web design and a satisfying user experience.

The installation process of a web server MODX is complex. But MODX developers were particular about the simplicity of its installation process, giving it a major advantage over others.

Several advanced features are available in the MODX CMS framework, such as multi-server environments and their large-scale design. Additionally, users can benefit from its customizable caching and the several databases it supports, like Microsoft SQL Server, Maria DB, and MySQL.

Integrating these features allows users to control their websites and their content. It also gives them the leverage to adapt to the necessary changes made to the domain.

The versatility of the MODX framework is also a function of its customizable feature. The primary idea here is to promote the creation of dynamic and powerful content web applications.

MODX CMS Installation Process

Although the installation process of MODX is somewhat straightforward, there are some important things to note. This has to do with the server requirements.

Server Requirements

This framework runs well on many VPS and dedicated servers, even on cloud and shared hosting. MODX is a PHP-based program that operates on a MySQL database. It usually requires Nginx or Apache as its web server to respond to web commands.

DatabasePercona Server 5.6.x or MariaDB 10.1.x and higherUpdated MySQL 5.6.x
PHP7.4 and above. Also supports 87.2
WebserverApache 2.4 or NGINX 1.8

You can only install if your site meets, at least, the minimum requirements. This is necessary to avoid hitches upon installation or during usage. 

Installation Process

There are three main approaches to installing the MODX framework: Advanced, Basic, and Git.

Advanced Installation

  • This option is only necessary to move the directory/core or rename the Connector or Manager directories.
  • Also, you can opt for this option if you can modify folders to be rewritable or have SSH access.

Step-By-Step Process

  • Go to the official website to download the raw file. Then upload and extract the downloaded file to your server, which leaves you with 2 directories – Setup and Core.
  • Proceed to the next part of the installation if you wish to move or rename the Core directory. Otherwise, browse to the Setup option from your browser to skip the Advanced Options of the doc.
  • If you choose to rename or move the core, you’ll be presented with the core’s new location. Insert the absolute path where you wish to relocate the core directory in the text field provided.
  • MODX could also prompt you to change the “setup/includes/core.config.php” file to be rewritable to successfully change the path of the core. Do it to continue with the installation.
  • The following part is the Advanced Options installation. This is quite similar to Basic Installation aside from the additional two options at the base. Select the New Installation option and proceed to the next section.
  • The database information will be required in the following step. Input the details to continue.
  • The Collation and Charset settings will pop up afterward. You may leave them at default but if you choose to modify the settings, make sure the Collation and the Charset properly match.
  • Then proceed to create an Administrator user and fill up the form.
  • This will take you to the context configuration screen to configure your web context paths. Then proceed to the pre-installation checks.
  • The pre-installation checks section is where you verify your system preparedness for the installation. If the checks fail at any point, simply follow the instruction available to ensure your environment complies with the Server Requirements.
  • Once the pre-installation checks section is complete, you can install the file. Click on Next when the installation is finished, and follow the instructions to log in.

Basic Installation

  • The Basic installation process begins with downloading the file from MODX’s official site.
  • Upload the ZIP file you just downloaded to your server.
  • Extract the ZIP file to its directory directly from the server using an extraction script from the control panel. You can also perform this action from the server’s file manager.
  • Copy every file in the extracted MODX directory to a new directory where you want the installation to take place.
  • Feel free to delete the ZIP file or extracted folder when the installation is complete.

Git Installation

  • This time, the raw files will be downloaded from GitHub.
  • Once the raw files are downloaded, install composer dependencies.
  • On completion, you’ll need to build the main package of the file.
  • Afterward, launch the standard setup to finalize the installation process.


Learning how to install MODX CMS begins with knowing the system requirement of the application framework. Primarily, there are three approaches to installing this program: Basic, Advanced, and GitHub installations.

Most users prefer the standard (basic) approach, which is pretty straightforward. The Advanced installation process, on the other hand, demands technical know-how. Moreover, it’s only important on specific occasions, like if you wish to move or rename the core or directory.

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