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Buying Negative Google Reviews

Buying Negative Google Reviews

Building a strong reputation is one of the most important aspects of launching a successful online business. While traditional methods such as providing excellent customer service and prompt response to customer queries are still valued, an unconventional strategy for improving your reputation remains: purchasing negative Google reviews. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of this strategy, along with the top 5 platforms offering this service.

The Controversy Around Purchasing Negative Google Reviews

The practice of buying negative reviews is a controversial one. Those who are against it argue that it undermines the credibility of online reviews, as customers can no longer be sure which ones are genuine and which have been paid for by a company. Some consider it deceitful, as businesses effectively pay to suppress their competitors’ reviews and boost their reputations.

On the other hand, proponents of this practice argue that it is a legitimate way for businesses to protect themselves from malicious reviews left by unsatisfied customers or outright competitors. They also say that employing such strategies in today’s competitive online market is commonplace, and businesses must take advantage of them to stay competitive.

Top 5 Platforms for Obtaining Negative Google Reviews

1. UseViral


This platform allows users to purchase negative reviews from real people. Its main features include top-notch customer service, a user-friendly website, and fast delivery. It also offers customers the option of choosing their review ratings or having the platform select them. The main advantage of using this platform is that it allows users to customize their reviews to meet their specific needs.


  • Top-notch customer service
  • User-friendly website
  • Fast delivery
  • Flexible review ratings selection
  • Customizable reviews to meet specific needs
  • High-quality negative reviews
  • Affordable prices
  • Anonymous user accounts to protect privacy
  • Secure payment options available
  • Multiple account support for larger orders


  • Limited range of available review ratings
  • No refunds for unsatisfied customers
  • Long wait times for orders to be processed
  • High fees for rush orders
  • Lack of quality control features for purchased reviews
  • Complaints about reviews being removed from Google after purchase
  • Requests are limited to one platform at a time
  • Negative reviews may not be well-written or convincing
  • Some users report difficulty in contacting customer service
  • Limited support for additional purchase options such as bulk orders.

2. SidesMedia


SidesMedia is a platform that offers both positive and negative Google reviews. It provides customers with the ability to choose their ratings, as well as control the content and timing of reviews. The main advantage of using this platform is that it allows users to control the type and timing of reviews.


  • Ability to customize ratings and timing of reviews.
  • Comprehensive customer support.
  • Reviews come from real people with verified accounts.
  • Low prices for negative reviews compared to similar services.
  • Reliable delivery times.
  • Various negative ratings are available, ranging from one to five stars.
  • Reviews can be written in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.
  • Detailed instructions are provided on how to write a successful review.
  • Reviews can be targeted to different countries or regions.
  • Offers the ability to monitor reviews and respond quickly if necessary.


  • Not all negative ratings can be purchased in bulk.
  • Reviews can take a long to appear on Google, depending on the platform’s queue times.
  • It is not possible to delete reviews once they have been posted.
  • Customers cannot control who writes the reviews.
  • Some customers have reported difficulty in getting refunds after canceling orders.
  • Limited customer support options are available.
  • It is not possible to purchase reviews across multiple platforms.
  • Reviews are often reviewed by Google before being posted, making it difficult to guarantee a successful review posting.
  • Negative reviews may be flagged for removal if they appear suspicious or contain offensive language.
  • Not all negative ratings are accepted, and some may even result in bans from the platform.
  • Customers must pay extra for additional services, such as boosting the visibility of reviews or monitoring them for changes.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister

Media Mister is a platform offering negative Google reviews for business owners. Its main features include an easy-to-use website, secure payment options, and a wide selection of reviews. The significant advantage of using this platform is that it offers a money-back guarantee if the purchased reviews are not up to standard.


  • Easy-to-use website
  • Secure payment options
  • Money back guarantee
  • A wide selection of reviews to choose from
  • Quick delivery times


  • Not many customization options when selecting reviews
  • It can be expensive depending on the package chosen.
  • Some packages are limited in terms of review quantity
  • Potential legal repercussions
  • Difficult to monitor the quality of reviews purchased

4. GetAFollower


GetAFollower is a platform offering negative Google reviews from real people. Its main features include anonymous users, secure payment options, and fast delivery. The significant advantage of using this platform is that it allows customers to choose the reviews they want.


  • Anonymous users
  • Secure payment options
  • Fast delivery
  • Ability to choose types of reviews


  • Not always genuine reviews

5. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is a platform offering negative Google reviews from real people. Its main features include an extensive selection of reviews, fast delivery, and secure payment options. The significant advantage of using this platform is that it offers a money-back guarantee if the purchased reviews are not up to standard.


  • Extensive selection of reviews
  • Fast delivery
  • Secure payment options
  • Money back guarantee
  • High-quality reviews


  • Limited range of countries where the reviews can be purchased from
  • Higher prices compared to other platforms
  • Longer turnaround time for orders
  • No ability to provide specific instructions on how to write the review
  • Difficulty in obtaining refunds if the purchased reviews are unsatisfactory

Potential Ramifications and Ethical Considerations

Before employing this strategy, it is essential to consider the potential repercussions that may arise. Businesses need to be aware of the ethical implications of buying negative reviews and the possible legal repercussions that may come with them. Additionally, companies should be aware that this strategy has the potential to do more harm than good if not done correctly. The risks associated with this practice can range from damaging a company’s reputation to being penalized or even sued by competitors or customers.

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