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Augmented reality home decor – make a better decorating decision

A man experiencing Augmented reality

Integrating AR with different technologies and industries in our daily lives leads to unique and amusing developments in many areas, such as home decor. Companies are using AR to provide an entirely new avenue to their customers, allowing them to decorate their homes with the best available options and make better decisions. 

How does AR help in making better home decoration decisions?

Augmented Reality can help you decorate your home and make better furniture, ornaments, paint jobs, and more decisions. How is it able to do it? It’s simple. Looking for the perfect decor for your home is a tiring process. One primary reason is that many things, like furniture and paintings, take time to choose. Some may look good at the depot, but the same cannot be said when you buy it. The process of returning it and repurchasing it is tiring and often not possible. The same goes for other decor items as well. Most people need help choosing the right decor that looks good and fits their homes.

With AR, this problem is easy to solve. Customers can choose the 3D model of the decor and test it in their homes before they decide to buy it. It’s not limited to that. You can even map your home and choose furniture that fits perfectly without taking up too much space. When bought together, this is a great help to customers when they decide to decorate their homes or buy something related to it.

Why is AR in home decor a transformative development?

It is due to many reasons like:

AR-based home decor shopping

Many brands, like IKEA, offer customers the option to access AR models they can test in their homes and decide whether furniture fits their requirements. It reduces the burden on brands, who have to engage in multiple return attempts if the customer doesn’t like the decor after they buy it.

Map your home with an AR planner 

AR planners can help you map your entire house, helping you choose which portion needs more focus. When buying decor, you can always look at the mapped model and make better choices among the products.

Digital showrooms  

Multiple companies have launched AR apps, like Amazon and IKEA, that act as digital showrooms. Users can view the product directly in their homes without visiting the physical showrooms.

Advantages of AR in home design that you will embrace

Following are some of the prominent ways AR in home design benefits in letting users make the right decision for their home interior decor:

Helps in efficient decision-making 

With all the necessary information at your fingertips, making a wise decision regarding home decor or products is much easier than in the past. You can see the models in your home through their apps or map your home and buy the products based on it. Both are equally good at helping you make better decisions.

Product Visualization 

Product visualization gives you a more accurate and precise idea about the product you will buy. Especially with bulky furniture, it’s hard to see all the dimensions, but this is no longer a problem with AR product visualization.

Instant measurements

Multiple AR apps help you take instant measurements. This ensures you are not buying a product that doesn’t fit on your walls or affects its aesthetics.

Intelligent recommendation for interior-related choices 

After mapping your home, you can also use intelligent recommendations that many brands provide to their customers to help them make better choices for their home decoration.

Related areas where AR can be helpful

There are some areas where AR will play a significant role in the future.

1. Interior Design

Interior design is a hard job, and designers must spend much time on less efficient maneuvers to determine what will fit the home and meet the client’s requirements. With the help of product visualization, AR measurement, and more, time can be efficiently spent to ensure a creative outlook for the house. Even the cost of items that must be bought multiple times can be reduced to see if the clients like them and they fit the house’s aesthetics. 

2. Furniture

The furniture industry will be a significant beneficiary of AR as it completely transforms how most people buy furniture. Rather than wasting hours on products and still doubting whether the product will be good for their home, they can use AR tools and make a heartfelt decision with complete confidence.

3. Construction & Renovation

AR will also transform construction and renovation. The entire project can be mapped and measured with an AR tool before construction starts, reducing the chances of blunders like measurement issues. Even buyers can get involved and give their input instead of getting sidetracked because they need more knowledge about the architects’ general construction or renovation plans. 


AR can be an essential addition to the home decor sector. It will help buyers and sellers simultaneously by solving the problems both of them have to face. While shopping for most products is not easy, it is more complicated for home decor products. Most people make their choices based on instincts, as they cannot ensure whether it will be a fine addition to their homes. With AR, we are finally close to solving this. If you also want to add AR to your home decor brand, start recreating those beautiful decoratives into AR on PlugXR, the evolving no-code platform for non-coders! Sign up or book a demo now!

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