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12 Web Development Projects That Can Definitely Get You A Job

Web Development Job

The number of things you are expected to know as a newbie looking to break into the world of web development can be overwhelming. Some of them include CSS, HTML, JavaScript, frameworks, version control, build tools, and the command line, among many more.

As web development keeps on taking off rapidly, there has been a constant increase in demand for professional web developers. Web development has been a promising field in the modern days, attracting many stakeholders from all professional and educational backgrounds.

Working on web development projects is the best way to upskill when you are interested in web development.

You will grow better and better in fundamental world development skills when you continuously practice and experiment with complex web development projects.

To aid you to understand the kind of web development schemes you can toil on. The web project ideas will help you with all the practicalities you must have to succeed in your web development career.

Some of the web development ideas to strengthen your understanding of the whole scope of web development and also get you a job include the following;

Best Web Development Projects Ideas

1. One-page Layout

The one-page layout targets to recraft a pixel-perfect design and create a one-page responsive layout. Also, this is used as a beginner-level project to allow freshers to test their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

To build this project, you can use the Conquer template that comes loaded with many unique layouts. Also, the Conquer template brings a series of hardships most web developers face in real-world scenarios.

As a result, you are forced to experiment with modern technologies such as Floats and Flexbox to refine the implementation of CSS layout tactics.

2. Login Authentication

The Login Authentication is a good fresher project you can use to improve your javascript skills. In login authentication, you must create a website’s login validation bar to enter their username or email ID and passwords to access a site.

Learning the skill will help you with your forthcoming web projects and applications since most websites have a login authentication feature.

3. Product landing page

Sound knowledge of CSS and HTML are two things you should have to create a merchandise landing page for a particular website. In the product landing page project, you will form columns and align the components of your landing page within these columns.

You will perform primary editing roles like resizing and cropping different images, using various design templates to make your layout appealing, and many more.

4. Giphy with a unique API

The Giphy with an entire API project entails making a web app that functions using search contributions and Giphy API for availing GIFs on the webpage. Use of the Giphy API is recommended since you are not needed to request any API key you are supposed to use. 

Another benefit you enjoy using the Giphy API because you don’t have to worry about any configuration when requesting data. 

The Giphy API can create a web application with a search input where all the users can search for particular GIFs and display any trending GIFs in a grid format. A load of more options is available at the bottom you can use for searching for more GIFs.

5. JavaScript quiz game

The JavaScript quiz game targets to make a JavaScript quiz game with the ability to take multiple answers and display the correct results to the users.

Application of JavaScript knowledge in real-world circumstances is usually challenging, unlike gaining JavaScript knowledge.

However, you are free to experiment with your JavaScript skills by working on small JavaScript-based quiz games.

While building this project, you will deal with complex logic and learn many things you hardly knew about data management and DOM manipulation.

Depending on your JavaScript skills and your ability to handle sophisticated sense, you can either make the game complicated or straightforward, depending on how you want it.

6. To-do list

JavaScript can create a web app that enables you to craft to-do lists for routine tasks. However, to succeed in this project, you must have a deep understanding and knowledge of CSS and HTML.

JavaScript is the most fantastic choice for to-do list projects since it enables the users to create interactive coding lists where it is possible to delete, add, or group items.

7. SEO-friendly website

In recent times, SEO has become an integral part of the building of websites. Without having SEO, your website, no matter how good it might be, will lack the visibility to drive traffic from the organic searches in search engine results pages.

Web developers ought to have a rough idea of SEO and web design even though they are primarily concerned about the website’s functionality. You will own the role of a digital marketer and get in-depth know-how of SEO in the SEO- friendly website project.

Building one website with user-friendly URLs and features with responsive, integrated design is more straightforward when you have a deep understanding of SEO. This will enable the site to load fast on either a mobile device or desktop, thereby making a brand’s social media stronger. 

8. JavaScript Drawing

The javaScript drawing project is stirred by Infinite Rainbow on Codepen and uses JavaScript as a piece of drawing equipment to bring CSS and HTML elements to life on web browsers.

The most exciting part about JavaScript drawing is that you can take to your advantage the use of JavaScript’s supercool drawing libraries such as Canvas, Raphael, and Canviz.

By working on a JavaScript drawing project, you can learn how to use and implement JavaScript’s drawing abilities. JavaScript drawing skills will come to your aid in enhancing the appeal of static pages by adding several graphical elements to them. 

9. Search engine result page

The search engine result page is one of the super exciting and captivating projects. In the project, you are required to build a search engine results page similar to that of one of google (SERPs)

While creating this project, you are supposed to ensure that the webpage can effortlessly display about ten search results similar to what Google does.

Also, you are supposed to include the navigation arrow at the bottom part of the webpage so that the users can switch to the other page. 

10. Google home page lookalike

Google home page lookalike is an interesting JavaScript project that requires you to create a web page resembling Google’s home page. You are supposed to recall that your role is to build a similarity of the Google home page together with the Google logo, text box, search icons, image buttons, and Gmail (everything you see on Google’s home page) provided that you are good at CSS and HTML, creating the replica should be easy.

The functionalities of your page’s components should not be a thing to worry you since your only aim is to come up with a replica of Google’s home page. 

11. Tribute page

Google offers a considerably extensive list of links available to show you how tribute pages are built. A tribute page is dedicated to honoring someone you admire, love, or respect, be it a pet or a human being. 

Tribute page projects are the perfect projects you can use to sharpen your CSS and HTML knowledge and skills. In the project, you will create a web page to write and dedicate tribute messages to someone and publish the same.

Also, you will be required to add links, relevant images, etc., to the page. 

12. Word Counter

Word counter is a simple tool used by those who write blogs, essays, and detailed documentation online. A word counter tool is used to establish the number of words you have already registered and the number of words you should write to complete your project. 

Word counter is a simple project that requires you to create an app that can analyze texts and indicate the number of characters and words a write-up contains.


Can I learn web development on my own and get a job?

Yes! If you are determined enough, you can definitely learn web development on your own. But if you want to make money out of it, then you need to think of some ways to sell your services. You can either start freelancing or find a company where you can work. Freelancing allows you to choose which kind of work you would like to do. And companies usually offer training programs to their employees.

Is web development in demand in 2022?

According to the latest trends, yes, there is a high chance that web development might become one of the most sought-after career options in the near future. The reason behind this is that more and more businesses are turning towards digital platforms to reach out to customers.

What are the full stack developer projects?

Full Stack Developer Project is a term used to describe a web application that has all the features needed to run its business. It includes front-end and back-end development. The front-end developers have to develop the user interface while the back-end developers have to develop backend functionality.

Can I become a web developer in 6 months?

Yes, it takes time to learn everything about web development. So, if you want to become a web developer in just six months, it’s better to take a course. There are many courses available online, so you can easily enroll yourself in one.

Final Verdict

With the availability of various projects you can work on and earn from, you are encouraged to select those that match your skill level.

Mostly, when you are beginning, you are discouraged from concentrating your energy on the earning part and get ready to learn as much as you can.

Web projects that can get you a job are also used as escape plans for people who hate working in the typical 9 to 5 jobs.

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