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5 Free SEO Tools to Check the Quality of Website

Website quality is one of the key things that help it rank higher. It comes down to how good the content and the website’s performance.

However, finding such information requires one to employ certain metrics, tools, and information.

The only problem is, how do you find such tools? Moreover, are they even free?

Well, some of them are, and we’ll talk about some today. So, let’s get started and find out which tools they are:

What Are Free SEO Tools?

Any SEO tool’s primary purpose is to make life easier for the user. It helps you get over the line in certain aspects and deliver SEO services.

Most of these SEO tools require you to pay up. That’s why premium SEO tools aren’t everyone’s priority these days.

On the other hand, free SEO tools are, well, free of cost. These SEO tools provide remarkable services without costing you a penny.

While some of their usages are limited, it’s still free. So, many SEO experts, writers, marketers, and businesses welcome them with both arms. 

Some of the common benefits of these tools include:

Understanding Problems with Content

One of the first things you will find in the online world is that SEO-related tools usually are content. 

There shouldn’t be any wonder there, as most SEO does surround content. However, these tools help you find the problems with said content.

Since much of today’s content is similar to the others, plagiarism, duplicity, keyword density, similarities, and various other problems are highly common. 

That’s when these tools help you avoid such troubles. How is that?

  • They thoroughly recognize severe problems with content
  • They detect and avoid plagiarism
  • They help you audit content according to your marketing objectives
  • Some free SEO tools, like paraphrasers, rewrite content according to your requirement

All these remarkable aspects sound too good to be true. However, most content-related SEO tools provide these benefits—and more depending on your objective.

Finding Problems with Website

Besides content-based tools, most SEO is about website optimization and upkeep. If a website isn’t up to mark, it won’t make any higher rank. 

These free SEO tools help you identify just that and find out the problems within your domain.

Better Optimization Tactics 

Optimization tactics or strategies aren’t easy to grasp; they require lots of work. Some of these SEO tools help you understand just what you need, such as backlinking, interlinking, keyword density, etc. So, they help improve your optimization tactics vastly.

5 Free Essential SEO Tools for Website Quality Assurance 

If you’re looking to find tools that gain you numerous benefits, then look no further. This list mentions all the tools you will need to find and improve the quality of your website. So, let’s get started:

1. Plagiarism Checker – To Ensure Content Originality and Integrity 

Online Plagiarism Checker is an essential tool since the first thing you need to do is check for plagiarism in your content to ensure its highest quality. 

A tool like this will allow you to detect plagiarism, then you can subsequently remove it to ensure the originality and integrity of your content.

2. DA PA Checker – To Determine the Website’s Performance, Quality, and Rank

Your website’s domain authority is the scale, as well as the quality index of your website. That’s why you need a DA PA checker to find out where your website stands—in terms of ranks among your competitors.

3. Google Analytics – To Find Out Necessary Metrics

Google Analytics is perhaps one of the easiest-to-find and the most necessary tool for any SEO expert today. 

For a tool with this kind of prowess, it’s almost unbelievable that it’s for free. So, try to learn how to use it and gain the many benefits from its metrics.

4. Broken Link Checker – To Find Any Irregular Links & Orphan Pages

Broken Link Checker is one of the most remarkable tools for SEO experts. You can find many of these on SERP. 

Why are they important? Because their primary benefit is to find out where you have broken links in your domain—prompting you to remove them effectively.  

5. Google Search Console – To Find Keywords and Other Essential Data Metrics 

Google Search Console is yet another stellar tool by Google, and guess what? It doesn’t’ cost you a penny either. It will help you determine the best course of action for better SEO performance, including necessary data metrics and keyword research.

Why Use Free SEO Tools? 

The reasons behind free SEO tools shouldn’t be hard to grasp. Why wouldn’t you want to use free tools of any kind? Since SEO is one of the necessities of online marketing, anything that provides free services should be taken with open arms. 

However, understanding the importance of such SEO tools requires one to go through their benefits. While these benefits might not sound like much, an SEO expert would happily pay to attain these advantages. So, to make it easier for you to understand, here are three major reasons why: 

1) Determine Website Quality

They allow you to check the website’s overall quality by finding necessary information such as the DA score itself, spam index, etc.

2) Ensure Better Content Quality

Some of these tools are content-centric, so they allow you to grasp how well your content is performing.

3) Rank Higher In SERP 

Free SEO tools enable you to ensure the overall quality of your website and content-enabling you to rank higher in SERP.


These remarkable tools can help you gain all the three major benefits mentioned above—and all that for free. Making these 5 tools essential to determine the quality of a website. 

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